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A year ago, I wrote an affirmation. Nothing more beautiful than seeing it go from a seed to a fully manifested bloom. I just paid off my Navient loan thanks to Instagram and Facebook lol this is not an AD— this is my gratitude for the recent ad opportunities that I have been afforded. When I wrote the affirmation I did not know how it would get done, I just knew I was going to do it. 

People say, social media is all drama and doesn’t pay the bills, tell them they are not using it right. And I don’t even like social media — y’all know this already; that is why I have an intern who does all of my posting and reads all of my messages. Otherwise, I would be distracted and annoyed by social media so much that I would delete all of my accounts. Empath problems lol ... but I can’t do that because I have a responsibility to share the teaching strategies and self-healing tools that I have learned throughout my journey. 

Anyways, I plan to have my fed loans paid off by the end of this school year, too. Affirming that I will find a way to get my doctorate paid for in full, as well. I don’t have to chase any money, all I have to do is stay diligent in my work. I really don’t have to do anything more than teaching and posting my truths about it. Not for likes or attention but to see a shift in the current state of urban education. That’s all you’ve ever known me to be doing, right? Vulnerable and transparent. Giving you my best and my worst. The highs and the lows. Living, authentically. 

There’s no way to explain how else I do this. But on the topic of likes and validation: There were times when I felt like no one read anything I wrote on here or on Valencia’s Garden. But it only takes 1 person to see what you are doing and amplify your voice. Glad I was not too focused on who wasn’t showing me love, because I was too busy placing my energy into the work that brings me love. 

Last thing: I spent time helping my granny this weekend and realized I am an introvert by nurture. Sometimes I like to shut the whole world out and stay in my own head. I write daily but it stays in my journals, I’m really glad I noticed this pattern because isolating myself is toxic. Expressing myself is healthy and fulfilling. I say all this to say, I’m coming back to regularly posting my writing here

All I desire in return is feedback and deep questions that encourage me to think. 

Love always.  


  1. I learned of you while listening to the Hey Girl Podcast. I was instantly drawn to you because of your story about your father. I am also a fatherless girl. However, I'm on the journey of doing my work. This space is encouraging, it's confirmation, and it's empowering. I am also an introvert that struggles with vulnerability but I'm shedding myself of those struggles because they have held me captive for so long. Thank you Queen


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