4:54PM— NP: “Faith” -Cowode

Autumn feels. 

Perfect time for cowboy hats and sweats... grateful. 

Headphones in, 

doing my growth. 

Each of us has to listen to a song and describe our moods. Now kinda wish I would’ve assigned them a free write instead because I just want to flow — but I must stick to the topic at hand. Funny, all power is in my hands when it comes to assigning assignments ...but the power to do the actual work is in the pens of the youth. Lens for the youth. I share my stories to uplift their spirits. They share their love to uplift mine. Their love: comes in many shapes and forms. True gems. Multi-dimensional... 

Mood: I am so ready to fly. These last three weeks have been joy, unspeakable. Easy living. Teaching and sewing. Painting and singing. Jazzy words and sun-red phrases. 

My mood? I am so ready to fly. Butter pecan butterfly eyes, completely shut. wing span, unlimited. 

This is not a dream. 

I don’t have to wake up.