Newark — 6 Minutes of Blissing Out

Laying my baby hair in the bathroom before I give my keynote ... I imagine I am in a back stage dressing room, channeling the energy of Lauryn Hill and Queen LaTifah and Whitney Houston and Sarah Vaughn. Ready to practice the art of reconstructing my personal narrative on yet another audience of my peers. Revealing excerpts from my traumatizing childhood, leaving their hearts hopeful, never helpless. 

The masses will hear my plight and understand that life only feels good because I say it feels good. 

My goal is to have everyone saying it! Affirming, “I feel good!” Forcing yourselves to believe until you mean.

But take your time with your process. 

I am here. 

On the other side, with the rest of the tribe, waiting for you. 

You belong here. 

All of you. 



  1. Did I hear you say SARAH VAUGHN? Do your thing Sista, be who you are Beautiful!


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