Poem about Loving Myself

making videos 
that are just for me 
to remind me 
of how much 
I have to love 
about me 
for no other reason 
than to maintain 
my self-awareness 
aka my key to consistent 
bouts of sanity. 
I control my highs and lows 
with little love notes to Self 
like these. 
Took almost four years of therapy for me to understand: 
I cannot be effective in my service to the youth 
if I am not pouring into 
myself, intentionally
and on a daily.

I am naked. 
dry fro, 
bare face, 
in my granddad’s old hoodie. 
I see no flaws, 
even though I know what’s 
behind that smile 
and beneath those eyes lids 
when they are closed too long. 
But I study war no more. 
I don’t look at myself 
and self-loathe. 
I self-soothe.
Holla, “Yas queen! 
You confident bish!
You creative heaux!
Be soft. 
Be vulnerable. 
Be carefree.”
Because those 
are the best parts of me, illuminating those 
amplifies the light in me.