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Sunday Planning Sessions

Original Inspo for the Idea: What if all the dope teachers in the city shared lesson ideas on sundays??? Like a twitter chat style ?? But I would have them post the lesson on their IG page and use the hashtag #sundayplanningsessions ... then, I could host the sessions in my classroom, and people pay like $20 to get in, to cover snacks, drinks, etc. ... would have to take it out of the classroom for that, actually. Can’t have wine in the classroom 😂 But I love this idea. Feels seamless.... Would you come to something like this? Would you want to cohost a session with me? Like maybe we could do a quick mini-lesson before the actual planning session begins?? Then each week rotate the guest teachers?? Could have my friends who I have always wanted to work with, like OGs like Chris Emdin and Vilson ... I’ll plan this during my break and make it happen for 2019. Attached to this week’s folder is “Creative Visualization” by Shari Gawain. Ideas for your life book entries: page 87 can be cons