6:10PM Just ❤️


There’s so much bad in the world, I force myself to focus on the positive as my form of actism. I will not speak on negativity. I am not moved by trends and headlines. I have a one track mind: using literacy to help my students develop an positive inner image of themselves. That’s I can give my energy to, currently.

I didn’t publish any writing last night because I was depressed and turned my phone off and I felt better before I went to bed, I swear I wrote pages on pages —but they are just for me. It’s okay to create and not share everything. It’s actually more than okay, it’s love. 

Nothing greater than love. 

One of the things I wish I could talk about here, I won’t. It doesn’t only involve me, so I can really bring it up. It’s about a kid and for the record, I felt really depressed about what happened at first but then I let that go because I know I have to trust his process. 

I won’t speak of my fears that I have for him because those have nothing to do with him. They are based on other boys I taught before him. His story is his own, he has the power to recreate, period.