7:32PM Bogota Bound

It was my fault. We sat in the Baja Fresh restaurant way too long after we ate because I was charging my phone and trying to download the new 21 Savage album. Only 15 minutes earlier he said, “Come on, let’s go. They board at 4:01...” I’m like, “No, look, it’s 4:12.” I showed him the email about the flight being delayed and added a little sauce, “See! I’m not new to this, I’m true to this!” He retreated to a defeated silence and we sat until 4:12. 

When we got to G9 and it was empty. The screen said 4:12 but no one was there. No line of people, no booking agents. I thought, damn...they delayed our sh’t again!

I sat cross from her at the charger bar and asked her if I could take a picture of her rings. She was mysteriously quiet. Simply beautiful, too. I wanted to tell her but I didn’t get to. I wanted to know her name but she didn’t say. Just as I was about to write a journal entry, inspired by her silver, Dah ran over to us. 

“De’La, we missed it!”
“We missed the flight?”


We should be in Peru in 3 more hours but now, we won’t get there until 10AM. An $800 mistake. The devil. No, worse. The ego and the procrastinator. 

Ego didn’t listen when warned to get up and move. Procrastinator played with Time and let it run away. 

I should’ve listened to my partner. I question myself like why, why didn’t I just get up and go? Because I’ve traveled more than him so I think I know everything? Or because I am so used to being a free bird that I won’t let him guide me? 


  1. I read your post to calm and center me, and put me to sleep. This was nice <3


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