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7 weeks until Model Pathway Portfolio is due and then National Board is up right after that, so I’ll be remaining offline until then, and I hope these Gardenlocs last me til’ then, too.  I just don’t want y’all to think I abandoned you, you know I don’t post just anything on this page and editing my classroom videos takes sooooo much  thought and drains me of all creative energy, especially after teaching my heart out all day!!! It takes an average of 2 hours to write meaningful captions and publish them. Crazy right?! Sooooo yea...  I am confident in my work as a resourceful presence for my peers here on IG but refining and organizing my teaching strategies into clear artifacts that convey evidence of how I grow my students as independent learners is my biggest challenge. It’s not that it’s not happening, it’s the fact that it needs to be put on paper, scanned, uploaded, labeled, and reflected on. Writing that actually sounds exactly like what I do here on IG, right? Exactly. So I am


As long as we desire we will suffer. —Bhudda  The smoke from the sage tickles my dreams and reminds me that I am awake. Alive. Doors are open, even if cracked slightly enough for me to push them the rest of the way.  I was off . Asking myself what is wrong and why I feel like I am lost. I was...lost without my purpose. E v e r y thing made me question its meaning, and until I spoke about this mental battle outloud, as we rode through the mouth of the Amazon river, I had no peace. No hold of my why. But then, when I realized, not being able identify my why  was why I felt like an aimless ship, I was anchored. I found myself—even though I had not yet found my new why . Just knowing what I was looking for, knowing I would eventually find the clarity of it, was enough.  It’s okay to not know your why right now, it means you are redefining your purpose, your purpose is always going to evolve as you grow.  True. Except that’s not actually where I was or am. Only took one day after coming hom

7:23PM Reflecting on Peru

i whispered my broken spanish to the flowers...they smiled at my growth, they know my past and how hard it once was for me. All those break downs, tears I cried, wanting to be more than I am because I thought I wasn’t enough. Frustrated to the point of wanting to deny my heritage. Santiago, Barcelona, Havana—that’s where it ended until I got back to the Heights and it started again.  But then to the Capitol with the kids, Talum with my sisters, San Pedro with my love, and Cusco with the family.  ... “Que significa boom boom?” I opened the door with nothing but my night shirt on to figure out what was going on out there.  “Buenos dias!”  Standing across the garden with a mop and bucket in her hands. She made me address her before asking her questions. The hotel’s housekeeping lady was an elder. Probably been cleaning as long as my granny. I wondered about her life. How she came to be at that place and how many children she had and if she was going home to cook and clean for her own la