7 weeks until Model Pathway Portfolio is due and then National Board is up right after that, so I’ll be remaining offline until then, and I hope these Gardenlocs last me til’ then, too. 

I just don’t want y’all to think I abandoned you, you know I don’t post just anything on this page and editing my classroom videos takes sooooo much  thought and drains me of all creative energy, especially after teaching my heart out all day!!! It takes an average of 2 hours to write meaningful captions and publish them. Crazy right?! Sooooo yea... 

I am confident in my work as a resourceful presence for my peers here on IG but refining and organizing my teaching strategies into clear artifacts that convey evidence of how I grow my students as independent learners is my biggest challenge. It’s not that it’s not happening, it’s the fact that it needs to be put on paper, scanned, uploaded, labeled, and reflected on. Writing that actually sounds exactly like what I do here on IG, right? Exactly. So I am taking time offline to get this done so I can make it legit baby! Neither of these portfolios is easy! I’ve been going for National Board for 3 years and I’ve been avoiding Model foreverrrrrr because it’s really intimidating and I admit, I am a recovering perfectionist, who is also afraid of rejection/failure. But I don’t need to be afraid, I got this. Just need to put my all into it. 

And any extra time that I’m not using to work on accomplishing these goals, I have been using for r e a d i n g!! (shout to my friends for being my accountability partners. finished 2 books and it’s only the 19th day of the year yaaaay!!!) last but not least, I will see you all very soon because I have events coming up!!! 2 with @teacherselfcareconference (Texas and Miami) and 2 with @commoncurriculum (MICA and Impact Hub) go to their pages for details! I love you all, thanks for your unwavering support and understanding and walking with me as I get this work done!!! If you’re afraid to pursue the next level in your craft, trust me, I get it but you really gotta remember the power of perspective: anxiety can be looked at as fear or excitement. Choose excitement and go all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!