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keep scrolling, nothing here but a procrastinator who needs to turn this phone off! ps: yesterday makes one year since i did the big chop. 365 days of no heat, at all. pss: ill be offline for 10 more days until I submit my portfolio next weeeeeeeek!! gotta stay off this phone because Im very easily distracted.  Very. 


The voices are still going. I know  they want me to be my most  sincere self. I  don’t ask them why.  I just try. 


The voices in my head are louder than ever, forcing me to finish what I start, despite fear. I procrastinate by reading but the ideas don’t leave me, they prick me until I get up and start my work again. The curse of ideas is strong and only people who make art know this feeling. Going away from a zone that was comforting to stay in because it was all you knew. Home was heartache. Exploitative narratives of pain.  They were of use when expressing them, in fact they healed you as you healed. But now we must change the narrative. But before you can prompt the change in others, you have to do it for yourself. 


The voices in my head are loud.  I’m not going to rush to respond. What’s my purpose? What do I want? Good vibes  Learning Growing  Using my voice to uplift  Self first  Still working on me