Giving you so much less and so much more, at the same time.

It’s 2:34AM. I am up, procrastinating, with permission. 

I just figured out, my habits of productivity are most effective when I give myself time to play during a work session. My steps are to start, focus, finish, play, and repeat. I love it. 

During my first creative play session, tonight, I worked on a passion project. It’s a writing piece that I’ve been taking slow since I started back in 2016. 

During my second session, which is this one, I’m publishing the very blog post you’re reading. 

The norm I am allowing myself to stick to is to work on one creative idea per session. I want to avoid over-producing because then, I’ll be increasing my risk of procrastinating. This was a trend I learned about myself after analyzing the personal work/procrastination chart that I made to monitor my progress. I would do any and everything but my actual task for hours and days!! I thought IG was my issue, so I cut it out. That didn’t work. Thought blogging was the issue, so I cut that out, too. Didn’t work, either. How could it be that I had cut all of my phone distractions but I was still unproductive. It wasn’t until I began accepting the fact that I was making excuses instead of starting hard tasks that my world changed. I had to look at myself and accept: Yes, I’m not able to focus. This is my truth.

Here I am, one month later, with a solid plan. I started it less than a week ago and it’s been helping me to increase my productivity by 75% ! My To-Grow List decreased by 6 tasks out of 10! That’s not bad. Not bad at all. Since there’s no school tomorrow, I stayed up late to finish one more before bed. I know I’ll complete the last 3 by 6 tomorrow night! All because I figured out my highest need is the freedom to create and have fun while doing my work. Shout to Glaslow’s Hierarchy of Needs!

Seeing myself transition from battling depression to battling procrastination has been ugly. But now that I have the peace of mind that came with understanding this newfound layer of myself, I don’t feel guilty for wanting to create. That guilt is toxic. Having this rhythm allows my inner child to have her play time, while allowing my grown self to meet deadlines and get tasks that I would normally avoid done. 


Did 50 minutes just go by?