This series of writing has been so freeing. 

For years I collected people’s projections of me and used them as guides. 

This series was my intentional practice of reflecting on myself and only listening to what my deepest, innermost self had to offer.

Projections live in our minds and we hear them inside of our heads so we think the doubts, accusations, and fears are coming from us but that is false. Our mind’s are only repeating, not creating. There’s a difference. 

Projections are illusions, born of things that we witnessed happen to others or experienced for ourselves, in the past. 

Projections typically come from places of hurt — and we visit those places every time we allow projections to effect us. 

Projections are like a train, in sense, that can only be stopped by a conductor, not us as passengers. And if we try to pull the emergency brake, we will only hold up the process of getting where we are bound to go because when that train starts up again, it still has to get to its destination. Projections cannot be avoided —unless we get all the way off of the train and decide to fly above.