I love being a Godmama (this is my godbaby, Ellie) and auntie (my nephew is my heart, I call him little face because he looks so much like me). I still don’t know if I want to have children of my own. I never really saw myself as a mom. At 33 (in 3 weeks) I am still very self-centered, selfish, and mean, at times. Not all the time but I do catch myself. Yesterday, my 8th grade girls told me I would be a good mama and my partner always says the same thing but me, I don’t see it, yet. 

The more I read about the abortion laws that are going into effect, the more I cringe at the idea that someone has the ability to tell us what to do with our bodies. As if we are robots in a dystopian society. I’m no robot and I don’t consider my community a dystopia. But how can we stop lawmakers from passing unjust bills? Writing a post online doesn’t mean much to me, I am too action-driven at this point in my life. That’s why I don’t say as much as I used to. I have no desire to announce my disappointment with government leaders or spew the utter disgust I feel to an audience of my peers, who I already know feel the same way. They don’t need to be reminded in order for them to be aware. All they will do is read the words and like the picture. Comment their mutual sentiments and keep scrolling. It’s not that we don’t want to do more, most of us just believe we lack the power to do more. Journalists like Sam Guisten can argue that we’ve seen successful social media movements over the last decade but in contrast to his claim, we’ve also seen e-rallies beget more e-rallies only seeming to amount to a mere exposure to injustice, not an end to it; for example, the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the verdict for the police officers who murdered Freddie Gray. 

With every article I read about the heartbeat bill, I ask myself: with all that I am already responsible for, how can I find the time to help stop these laws from going into action? And then I look at my body and ask myself, how can I ignore what’s going on? I am woman. But I’m not ignoring it, I’m practicing purposeful silence as I organize and plan—starting with lesson plans. My classroom is where young people are. These young people see the news and ask me, “Are we going to talk about this, today?” And my response is the same as it always is when they become inquisitive about a current topic, “No, you’re going to learn about this, today... so when we talk about it, you’ll be well informed and able to fully articulate your thoughts.”

It is rare that the issues that my students show concern about are actually in my district’s scripted curriculum but I made an open vow, with my students, to use our classroom as a safe space, community forum, and training center for servant leaders. They know, if they ask me about it, I will always help them learn more about it. No matter what we are “supposed to be doing,” Their most important job is to ask questions, while mine is to use their questions to guide my plans and implement instructional strategies that adhere to what they need. 

Next week, my students are finishing their final essay of the year on various self-chosen, social issues and yes, abortion is one of them. I know, it’s not enough to change the laws right now. To be honest, I agree with Malcom Gladwell when he says, “The revolution will not be tweeted.” Writing essays does not mean the laws will be eradicated but the act of teaching my students how to write about these laws allows them to gain the knowledge and skills that it will take for them to change the laws, in the future. 

In the meantime, I am going remain in my quiet space, keeping my anger offline, channeling it into productive energy which helps me create high-impact projects that force the work to work. 


  1. I’m working on a research paper right now about Malcom Galdwell’s 10,000 rule. I haven’t slept yet, I should be sleep but my head is always running- my heart is in the future and like you I’m constantly taming and redirecting my energy( we got this !) The entire theme of our class has been about success, Gladwell’s Outlier book and we’ve really dug in and have had open dialogues that I personally feel should have been televised. I can honestly say out of my entire academic career, I have never learned and been taught the way I am in this critical thinking class. Needless to say though, I don’t think we shouldn’t speak on issues- it’s just all about how. I know for me, I’m so passionate that my validity can get lost in translation due to a shift or pitch in my voice and now I’m “angry” I’m working on that lol ! But no, all bs aside - you’re absolutely right and making/setting lasting impressions on your students and the followers you influence online. I do not know much about those laws but like you, I came out of class one day to find pictures plastered up on these large canvases and there were students and facilitators arguing and I typically mind my business on campus. However things like that don’t just happen everyday, so I walk over and I’m trying to calm this girl down. She was going off about the same issues you addressed. How can someone make a woman do something with her body ? To wrap things up ! I ended up getting almost all of those students numbers who were there because I’m working on a documentary. It isn’t about abortion rights , it’s about success, mobility, history and education. I’m thinking of incorporating politics just because I do feel strongly about the current state we are in, especially under this presidency. People really do feel like their voices don’t matter and that’s the problem , that’s why trump is in office now. He went to certain parts of this country because he knew he’d get those votes. Liberals hold strong to their core values where as people from my side , west side Los Angeles cosmopolitan ...eh not so much. Values have shifted and the dynamic is just.... I don’t even know right now- I had to take a deep breathe just wrapping my head around all this madness. History will continue to repeat itself though if we don’t have open dialogue about issues that affect us all and educate the youth who are the future policy makers, educators, doctors etc ... it’s a lot .. it’s a lot going on & there’s been a lot going on and I feel you girl. I dm’d you earlier too- I’d love for you to be apart of my project. *excuse any typos, I’m on my cell and off no sleep remember


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