11:58AM—Yesterday, I read 30 pages in 2 hours (2 hours less than the night before last) and then, read another chapter while getting my weave sewn in. I’m not sure how long it took me because I didn’t set my timer but I know I fully understood everything I read and she was just finishing the braid down with the net, which means it had to have been less than an hour. I’m seeing myself grow as a reader and it feels good. Makes me smile at myself for slowly overcoming the emotional tax that came with procrastination. 

3:13PM—I waited too late to get her picture. 
She was petite in height but thick in the places any lover of a woman’s body would appreciate. 
She was brown, 
the hue of the leaves when ushering autumn to the forefront of our climate. 
She played no games. 
Sat down. 
Opened her bag.
Took her notebook out and wrote. 

8:50PM—On my balcony. Still reading....sharing links to some of the more interesting articles of my day: 

I really love the way this was crafted with readers’ experiences. I want to apply this writing strategy in my classroom:

(I’d love to invite folks to have a conversation about these but I’ve got more to read lol hopefully as I coninue to get a good rhythm going, I’ll have time to engage in lit-talks. Until then, I’m breathing through my eyes.)