Today’s Learning Goal & Affirmation: I chunk and digest complex texts with confidence in my ability to accurately make meaning. 

I just read for 4 hours straight and this is as far as I got: 30 pages. 

In reflecting, I realize, using close-reading strategies such as text coding, defining words I was unfamiliar with, and rereading some of the pages a couple of times in order to understand the main idea, made me read way slower than I do when I am reading fictional texts. Last night, I read almost 200 pages of With the Fire on High because I was determined to finish it! Now that I am reading something way more complex in vocabulary and ideas, I’m not only reading slower, I am falling asleep. 

But it’s less about what it took to get me here and more about the fact that I got here. I did it. I met my learning goal of reading, with confidence. Though I didn’t finish as many pages as I would have liked to, I thoroughly understand the pages that I completed. 

My next goal and affirmation is to stay awake while my timer is on. Maybe I may need to take stretch breaks between the hours that I set. I’ll do some research on helping readers stay awake. For my students, my go-to strategies have been to encourage them to take a walk for some water or doodle while reading. I may need to implement those into my reading time, too, but I’ll see what else I find.