Paper 1: Submitted 1 week late. 
Paper 2: Submitted 1 day late. 
Paper 3: Submitted on the day it was due...which is today :)

Goal for Paper 4: Submit 1 day before it’s due. 

I know I can because I am truly growing from week to week. It’s hard but it’s worth it! The speed of my reading comprehension is increasing. I am finishing articles in 30-45 minutes—used to take at least 1 day about a month ago. I think I’ll stay committed to strengthening my reading skills before I begin practicing my writing because I know reading will naturally improve my writing.  

This process makes me lean deeply into my work as a teacher. I realize how much I need and how much I have to give to myself to push through this work. My students need me to not only be this for them, they need me to teach them how to be this for themselves. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I am also in school and I am having a hard finding balance but to read your growth, is inspiring!


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