9:56PM — I’m Behind in the Readings

If you came here for the rest of the video I posted on my IG, you’ll have to forgive me. I lured you here just to tell you that you’ll have to wait on it because I am not coming back to social media until I have my sh’t together. 

I’m doing way too much. 

This email from my professor says it all: 

Nat Geo. 
Leading staff. 
Being a human with a personal life. 

It’s heavy and I am NOT going to drop this course or fail as a result of continuing to juggle all my responsibilities. I just want to teach and go to school. Nat Geo is aligned with teaching but keynotes and social media are not, at this time. But full disclosure, if you see me post any ads on my stories, know that I need the money for school. Not taking out any loans, paying out of pocket, ads help tremendously. But other than that, I gotta stay out of my own way and stay caught up on the readings. 

I posted the videos on IG just to let you know,
I am collecting classroom footage 
but I am not curating 
until I get my sh’t together. 

At first, I fell behind because I was experiencing anxiety around the complexity of the readings. I felt incapable of comprehending because I was reading way too slowly. It would take me between 5-6 hours of 2-3 days just to finish one article. Now, after 2 months in, I know there is nothing wrong with how slowly I read because I take my time to comprehend but that’s just it: I need more time. I can’t do assignments the day they are due like I used to in college. This ain’t that type of party. I need to take my time and I need alllll of my time. 

I know y’all understand.

I’ll be back. 

I promise. 

I miss y’all as much as y’all miss me. 

I just have to be out for now 
so I can come back with what I came for!!! 

Love love. 

ps: I totally stole the title from my friend, Alex, today. “I’m behind in the readings” is from her FB bio. Super fitting for my life right now 😩


  1. Your honesty and realness gives me the greatest peace. You have to show up for you, always. Sending you love and peace, queen.

  2. My initial reaction was confusion because the first post that appeared was about your blowout. I kept scrolling upward to go down the blog page and that’s when my mouth dropped. I felt fooled, but only for a split second. No one should, outside of what’s time consuming, should have any expectations from you. We’re all human and need breaks from being in the public eye all of the time. I’m thinking of doing the same since I’m in school, too. Thank you V!


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