these corporations don’t see me as an educational activist. they don’t care about my commitment to banning the idea of their being an achievement gap. 

all they see is the numbers.
they are not reaching out with 10K to support my students in getting iPads. they are asking me to promote some sh’t and they don’t care what I do with the money they give... 

our economically disadvantaged students need more than ad money, they need abundant, adequate resources. 

that is what my platform is for ...

im reading faster than ever

my writing will improve soon, too because i started journaling ...


  1. Girl I am in the same place. I felt so inadequate last year when I was pushed into teaching my pre-ap/AP English. They were the same demographics of kiddos that needed my love and support to help them close their achievement gaps and compete on par with the other schools in our district that weren't Title I. But I felt inadequate to the other AP teachers who were spewing grand thoughts and ideas about the literature we were teaching. I was felt like I could never read into the text like they did, I couldn't think the ideas enough to write it let alone teach it. But I started working and writing for myself and Analyzing the literature for me. It was then I realize something. My kids were at my level. They weren't looking for some AP teacher that would tell them what the literature was suppose to say. They were looking for someone to guide them in their discovery of the text. In my own discovery and pursuit to understand literature better, I found skills that I used myself that could be used to teach my kids. I was enough. I might not be the best English Major, but I knew the skills to help the kids learn, because I struggled as well. I was them. I found my value. I found my power. A power that other condensing English teachers in the district couldn't take away from me. No matter how "ghetto" or "hood" they perceived me. I found my power. I realize in a sphere where there is usually gatekeeping within AP classes especially kids who fall vicim to the achievement gap, I had the power to help close it because of who I am. I hope you find that power girl. I really do. I still struggle with reading and writing. Dyslexia and Dysgraphia are there, but I found being honest with my kids, made them try harder, because they saw me struggle with them. I've been a silent follower for awhile but I want you to know your honesty in the struggle makes me feel less alone. Like there are other English teachers or teachers in general like me. You matter. More than you know.


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