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Keep your head up. 

Difficult is Only Temporary

W e were about to lease a building but after we had the building inspected, we decided not to move forward.  The problem is not that we don’t have the building, the problem is that our ideas for how to manifest our vision for community research centers won’t get out of my head. I want nothing more than to get them out but I have to finish one thing at a time. Right now, that one thing is to become a scholar-practitioner.  Scholar = Doctor  Practitioner = Model Teacher/National Board /National Geographic Certified  First off,  being a scholar-practitioner makes me more effective for my students and allows me to coach other educators (specifically educators who teach students that  share commonalities with my population of students)  on growing the minds of their students, as well.  Secondly, it will  allow me to build the knowledge and skills needed to design a research-based practice that I can pass on to the future generations of my family. I  love teaching but no matter how hard I t