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7:44 at MGM

Took a break from my studies to go to DC’s National Harbor to see Jess Hilarious and Desi live at the MGM.  Baltimore is the birthplace of creatives. I am grateful to have witnessed this show and to have been able to sit on stage with my brother Kon at his show at the Walter’s Art Museum on Thursday night. This is a teacher’s wildest dream. To be able to witness the “Baltimore Renaissance” and inspire our students with authentic art ... this is an example of culture. It motivates us to be more. This is love.  ...TBC... 


I just realized I may have maladaptive daydreaming disorder.  This is how I procrastinate.  I avoid working because I am afraid of the work. I can sit in front of my work and still not complete it because of daydreaming. It’s a coping mechanism but it’s harming my productivity.  This is what causes me anxiety.  I need to get control of the impulse to time travel with my thoughts. I need to stay in the present moment.  Will talk to my therapist about it next visit.  I know I can overcome this, now that I realize I have it. 


This doesn’t work.  Like, I hear it.  I read it.  I wrote it.  Felt good when I wrote it.  But  I’m not much farther than where I was when I wrote it.  But it’s only been one day.  I’ll keep trying and see if consistency changes things.  Might be a bit too early to say this doesn’t work. 


Language Arts teachers have to do more art.  It’s fulfilling.  Also, document everything. Show your students their growth in multiple ways. Use diverse mediums and measures. 


Ellie teaches us  to have our cake  and eat it, too. 

100 days to get a morning routine that actually makes me love mornings now (unedited)

Yesterday, I reached my 100th day of mindfulness.  Wanted to note the behavior changes that are the result of my dedication to meditating: I’m rise from bed at 2AM. Shower and get dressed, and meditate. By 3:30AM, I’m sitting on the floor, under the reading lamp, annotating something motivational like, “Dare to Lead,” by Brene Brown. An hour later, I’m about to meditate again, this time in the form of journaling (in this case, blogging). By 4:45AM, I am starting my work—either doctoral readings or classroom lessons.  This was not my thing, a few months ago, not even a few weeks ago! I could not do mornings, at all. It literally took me 100 days to find my new morning rhythm. And I honestly did not even realize I was going to hit that milestone on the first of the new year. When I started on September 24th, I was struggling with my first doctoral task. I felt like I could not concentrate for a long enough time to comprehend the readings. The time spent off tasks was impeding on my clas