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“...thank you for teaching us to be millionaires...” i loveeee how my students know the agenda: financial freedom to be and do—I don’t want to them to have 9-5s and work for corporations unless they choose to, not because it was all they were exposed to...but in order to teach them how to tap into their creativity to be financially free, I have to get there, first...  I don’t even teach explicit financial literacy lessons but I instill the idea of becoming a millionaire/billionaire in them every single day.  I openly tell them I don’t want to be a teacher in public schools anymore. They know I want to own land and build learning centers all over the world. I don’t want them to see me retire from the classroom with a pension,  I want them to see me earn millions and use the money to give scholarships and fellowship funds to young creatives.


I was supposed to speak at the Peabody last night for Morrison’s bday but I canceled. I don’t want to speak, right now, about anything, in public. Only did Kon’s talk because it was for him and he’s family. Just canceled my talk at SXSW... did not want to cut my time in India short just to sit on stage and talk—felt like a great honor, an accomplishment even—but I don’t care about any other accomplishments than the ones I am working on as a teacher, kind of like Carissa and motherhood. SXSW is a dream but it’s just not the right timing, my present self just does not want to be seen or heard, right now. Right now, I’m still learning how to celebrate the fact that I am here. My confidence needs to be rebuilt. I’ve also been feeling really ungrateful. Hating my life. Like why? Then I look for love and realize, I don’t hate my life, just hate the “work.” I don’t enjoy doing this work. I don’t like “teaching,” anymore. Standards and curriculum bore the hell out of me. No shade. I get the po


The best way to the kids engaged? Have a community event. Think up a role for everyone. This is truly the work that our city needs. Not just the babies but for everyone because everyone impacts the wellness of the babies.  Art by Sinaya E. 


I’m finishing tasks faster than I used to...choosing to work over playing in the streets with my friends...knowing when I am done with my work, I’ll go outside to play. My friends having fun without me motivates me to finish my work faster so I can get out there with them.  But I’m locked in this room, working ...redefining small milestones as my pleasure...feels good to be productive. Stress and anxiety free.