It’s Spring. 
Tricky weather season.  
Some trees’ limbs are green some are still naked. 

Life is in transition. 

People are beginning to notice their patterns. 
Personally, I am loving the way I handle my emotions. 
Passing every test I find myself facing (and I don’t mean my doctoral tests...because that’s the place I am not “exceeding standards” in, yet but I affirm: I am growing, daily. My ability to think critically while reading complex, theoretical texts is improving.) when I find myself standing in front of my reflection and listening to the lessons I see. 

How can one listen to something that is seen? When I watch a visualization, whether it has sound or not, I read it. I see everything as some form of literature. I am a reader of nature, I know a lot of people who see other things in the same way. 

People are not animals, so for me, as much as I may want to read people, I do not have that ability. I used to be very discerning, self-righteous, and rigid with my presumptions and beliefs. I’m grateful for growth. Reading people is not my job, reading the environment is my job. Learning how to do this, daily.