Me via text to a sister-friend:

You are a leader and you see all of us from a leadership perspective. Leaders are visionaries who see beyond where we are. Leaders see potential. You see each of our potential, even we do see or know what you see. Sometimes, when folks do not live up to their potential, it can feel frustrating but as a leader, adopt creative-compassion. Creative compassion allows you to create news ways to support a person through their struggle. Each attempt may take a different creative approach for it to work as a tool to help the person through their journey. Remember, it is your responsibility to continue developing ways for your team to grow toward that potential that you see in them because you were given the gift of sight to see them. Trust your gift. They will get there, never let your frustration stop you from creating innovative channels of support. I am proud of you for giving yourself the chance to continue strengthening your ability to grow the strengths of others as you grow your strength to listen and respond, as an innovative leader. Keep shining!!