Screenshots and Texts

A note from a teacher, reminding me that this “work” impacts people beyond me. Sometimes these kinds of posts make me feel anxious and pressured ...but today it made me smile and feel encouraged. 

A note from one of my mentors:

Hello beautiful one. I’m glad to hear your update no matter the time. You’re in my heart and prayers always. I think of you often. 

I think your choices are well made. Your strength is impressive. I was completing my Board certification as I was beginning my doctoral journey as well. I recall being overwhelmed - and prayed often  in honor of God’s blessings. I thought about how blessed I was to have the opportunities to pursue my purposes and passions. 

It is hard. I cried often - but no one knew because I didn’t have a mentor or support. I didn’t know cohorts or support existed. And the truth be told I’m a go-it-alone kinda girl. I didn’t want/need witnesses to my madness. 

My exact thought(s) were, “I’m going to be one badd bitch when this is over!” Thought as tears coursed all too familiar tracks on my cheeks. 

God is faithful and I knew He had not brought me into my journey to have my achievements be unrealized. I repeated this belief to myself daily - hourly. God has not brought you into your journey to have your achievements be unrealized. 

You are an incredible woman, educator, leader. You will persevere and be victorious. And I will pray and celebrate you along the way. I am here - always. 

Please know that I am available for and to you for whatever you need - connection, consult, thought partnership, or just to hold space for your emotional outpour, be it happiness, frustration, sorrow, or undefined. 

You are victorious, even in this moment, in all that you have endeavored and accomplished- as you serve, knowingly or unknowingly, as an inspiration and uplift, as a light upon a path to so many who embrace you up close and afar. 

I am blessed to know to you. I know this. Don’t ever hesitate to connect with me, text, call, or just in thought. I will always be here for you no matter the time zone or distance. I embrace and honor and lift you up. Always.