Ever ask a passionate teacher why they teach? As a survivor of narcissistic abuse and neglect, I go so hard for our kids because I know what its like to have a really f-ed up childhood experience. As an adult, I still go through a lot behind closed doors that no one would ever know about because I dont want to perpetuate pain. We have more than enough of that online as it is because pain sells, especially black pain. (One of the reasons I stopped posting was because I realized, I was one of the people showing pain by posting glimpses of my students’ hurt but I did not even recognize it as a pertuating black pain until I began curating the kids’ documentary and critically analyzing the themes within the footage but that’s not the point of this post so let me close this by telling you to read this book.) I found this book on Amazon, finished it in one day. Extremely helpful and research-based. This is exactly why I am becoming a doctor. I want to write books like this to heal my people. The first draft of chapter 1 of my dissertation is due Monday, I am about to isolate myself to my desk and allow myself to flow but I just wanted to share this for anyone who struggles yet perseveres with overcoming their childhood trauma. Its very deeply rooted and I blame slavery. Continue to grant yourself grace as you grow. I love you. Please send me good vibes for my research and writing. Its really hard to focus sometimes but I will not stop trying my best.


  1. Ms. Clay,

    I am not a part of your target audience but I was fortunate enough to stumble upon your Instagram, then this page, some time ago. I must say that you have truly been an inspiration for me and I find myself periodically checking back here to not only watch your journey but to lift you up in prayer. I send you good vibes. Please, don't ever stop. Keep going as you have no idea how many lives you are reaching, touching and positively affecting by being you. Blessings Always.


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