My students at 8AM 

Me at 1:24PM

My responses to questions we were asked during the virtual meeting, today. 

I didn’t care how much better I could’ve made them, I knew I had better evidence for those domains but I did not give myself enough time to develop the artifacts. I didn’t care at that point. In my heart, I knew, I’ve done the work. If I have to resubmit next year, I will be better about setting time aside to develop the artifacts. I was never was able to stick to the time I set aside time to work on those two domains because every time I was scheduled to, I was still working on a doctoral assignment. Those papers got the best and the worst of me this year! But through it all, I still submitted SOMETHING! And for that, I am proud to say, I didn’t care how those artifacts looked, as long as I got it in! I know I did the work. I will keep working toward developing efficient ways of capturing my work for the portfolio. 

Last year I was depressed because I felt like I didn’t have the work for some of the components. I felt like I was an awful teacher because of that. Really it was terrible. It’s one of the reasons I stopped publishing classroom content. I had to get off of my ego trip and realize model is not about getting model, it’s about using the rubric as standards that guide your practice. It did that for me and at first I was angry about it lol learning wasn’t feeling good because I thought I knew everything and here this process was to humble me.