Sometimes, I feel like I’m too old for this type of thing but other times I feel like silence is the solution. I need to be able to hear my thoughts. I’m still learning why my personal boundaries call for extreme walls such as blocking — but other times I’m like, what else was this feature created for, if not to use it to get some air from the sea of feeling emotionally drained? 

I know this is a deeply rooted issue. 
I am still learning where it comes from ...


  1. I can see why you “block”
    Maybe it’s a Gemini thing. I know I go through periods of “withdrawals” and I feel I have to have alone time like no matter who it is I shut off and log off for hours.
    Bc at times we are able to give so much of ourselves to others and their needs, it becomes overwhelming like your brain wants to explode.

    Not sure if your issue goes back to childhood. I know for me I didn’t have any control over anything as a child esp w how controlling my father was so I tend to get anxious whenever I feel I’m losing control.

    But not control over ppl necessarily, sometimes knowing that some ppl need so much from me, I.e attention, time, energy those things. But also my tasks, plans, or ideas if I get ahead of myself then I also feel like I need to shut down. Silence everything, everyone.

    At times, in my head if I ever feel like I’m rushing the idea before I’ve put it together I get overwhelmed then I feel my mental shutting down.


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