I told my therapist I think I have ADHD, after the first 3 months of making time-lapses and still not being able to concentrate. I couldn’t understand how my own mind would keep me from accomplishing my goals. How can I say, “reading is my activism” if I am not even getting through the literature? She taught me that anxiety and ADHD can share symptoms. The inability to stop maladaptive daydreaming and complete tasks was not due to ADHD but due anxiety and grieving loss... I also learned, filming myself is not enough. Started a prayer technique that allows me to visualize my outcomes, yoga-daily, and eating healthy, as well. No coffee, no Lays, no sugar, no dairy, no gluten, no meat. Lots of water, too. And social media only 30 minutes a day. Healthy brain vibes.

Why I took it down?
The post was too loud.
I need to be more thoughtful when posting about mental health. A comment that bothered me is below:

My response: