but I can’t be quiet when it comes to her

Breonna Taylor 

she was a Gemini, like me. she loved extra baby hairs out, like me. she went for the natural-glam set of lashes, like me. she had a tattoo of words on her shoulder, like me. she had a nose ring, like me. she wore big hoops, like me. she was a public servant, like me. she is a queen, like me. but her killers are still alive, free, and untouched. only 1 of them has been fired, as of yesterday, 102 days after he took part in murdering her. Breonna’s mom, Tamika Palmer, led our favs to make a poignant video to build our awareness, Beyonce wrote a public letter demanding justice, everybody I know protested and yet, her killers are still free. I know they hear us. We should not have to do this much for what’s right! I wake up every morning to check for news of justice for her only to find that what has been demanded has still not been done. I wish I could march in Kentucky with everyone, tomorrow, but instead of wishing, Im asking, what else can we do from where we are, in real life? keep writing letters? keep saying her name? a lot of us are ready for next steps but don’t know what to do or where to start. if you’re like me, please know, it’s okay to not know what to do or even who to look to; just remain vulnerable enough to keep asking: how can we help? asking questions is a form of purposeful silence that allows you to organize and prepare, before anything else. it is a necessary step in using our voices or your privilege to get the justice we demand and the change we need.



and for those of us who know what to do or know more history than others, please remember not to knowledge-shame folks for not knowing things you been knew. ive seen this happening in people’s posts and in their comment sections. as an educator, I really do not think that is right. it feels counterproductive to a major key of the movement which is to empower folks with knowledge of the truth. the fact remains, our school systems were intentionally set up to boost white supremacy. they were never designed for us to teach the truth. so we can’t expect anyone, no matter who they are, to know what they purposefully were not taught. give people grace as they seek out information.


  1. She was one of us. Well written.

  2. Breonna is in all of us. Thank you for posting this. Your story feels like a path to her. I hope I can use my story like that. I hope we all can, because Breonna was human, like me and you and the next person. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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