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Image my experience— my “yelling” and preaching worked for students who appeared unmotivated to learn. It was not the only thing I showed on my page but it was a reoccurring theme I noticed in my collection of videos from the last few years. I hate it because it works in the classroom but once they leave it’s a wrap. I am not talking about my entire population of students, I am specificically speaking of the population of students with socially constructed (dis)abilities. Also thinking about my students who don’t do anything related to academic learning outside of school/my classroom. They do seem to “get it together” when I give those speeches but it  quickly fleets and then they go back to not showing their ability to be independent thinkers, creatives, and future entrepreneurs. Witnessing this is one of the reasons I am not speaking as an expert for teaching students, at this time. I don’t have the tools, yet. All I know is research shows, if they need me to yell at them now, they


I’m in a great space since learning I passed all of my classes with at least a B. I bloomed through the adversity of year one. Grateful.  Treating myself to guilt free learning.  Just became one of @rachelcargle students, her model is an instructional design backed by theory to be highly effective for independent learners. I read about it in my tech course, earlier this week. I’ll be summer reading her curated lessons!  Join me!