.....in my experience— my “yelling” and preaching worked for students who appeared unmotivated to learn. It was not the only thing I showed on my page but it was a reoccurring theme I noticed in my collection of videos from the last few years. I hate it because it works in the classroom but once they leave it’s a wrap. I am not talking about my entire population of students, I am specificically speaking of the population of students with socially constructed (dis)abilities. Also thinking about my students who don’t do anything related to academic learning outside of school/my classroom. They do seem to “get it together” when I give those speeches but it quickly fleets and then they go back to not showing their ability to be independent thinkers, creatives, and future entrepreneurs. Witnessing this is one of the reasons I am not speaking as an expert for teaching students, at this time. I don’t have the tools, yet. All I know is research shows, if they need me to yell at them now, they’ll still need that later on in life, but what if they don’t have anybody to do that for them? And sure, we can say, I’m not yelling, we can call it rooting for them. But the fact remains, they need more than passionate cheers and encouragement, they need tools for independent learning. 


  1. Peace and energy to you young Sis...do not lose heart...the impact you are making is not visible to you now, and in truth may not show up in real and tangible ways until 20, 30, even 40 years from now. You may not see the harvest, but you must trust the seed. I am not a traditional educator, but have planted many seeds over the years and have seen the harvest. And I could have only planted that which I had been given. That is the cycle of Life, and WE need YOU. I found you from your book "Soundless Cries...", which I purchased during my travels, but I can't remember from where. But trust that YOU are already where you need to be, and your work has already planted a seed with me...Ase! ~ Peace, Love and Light from a 60 yr. old Eldress!


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