Clear vision. 

Aligned action. 

I’ve been going live on YT for a week just to test it out and I’ve truly enjoyed it but coming back on IG feels heavy because of the brutality being shared by so many influencers who use their platform for justice. I get it. I am literally one of the influencers I am speaking about—this is our work. But my activism looks and feels different from reposting what’s going on, to get folks to be aware because 

most of my community doesn’t need anymore awareness—we need action. 

My current action is researching but sitting still for long periods of time are not easy, especially when I have to endure the pain of seeing another Black father murdered. 

But as y’all already know I don’t prefer to speak on things, especially now while I am still learning but I’ll be going live on IG for the next few mornings to provide a supportive environment for those who are really distracted by what’s going on in the world and having a hard time getting focused on completing tasks. 

I love YouTube but IG is my nest. So this is my act of service for my tribe, daily, from 7AM-9AM (today I started at 9:30 but I usually have meetings at 9 so that wont work, until I retire in June 🙏🏾)

It’s not just about being productive when you can’t concentrate, it’s knowing you are not isolated. I have worked in my solace for long enough to gain the self-discipline to commit to showing up on IG Live for the next 5 days. It is an honor to be a vessel and honestly, I am just happy to feel the energy to share space with folks in this way. Onward and upward vibes.

Also, here’s the playlist link.

ps: this is not a Spotify endorsement, if anything, I am urging you to keep listening and follow these dope, independent artists as you get into your creative flow 🌿