I am a full-time teaching artist + doctoral student.

I am a playwright + mixed-medium publisher...

I am a farmer + a flower. 

I am a creative-mentor to some + a mentee to others, 
very passionate about teaching people everything my OGs teach me. 

I am from Harlem + was raised in Greenburgh, NY... 

I live in Baltimore + Harlem, today.

I am in my early 30s in real life + in my early 70s at heart..

I am an introvert + a talkative best-friend...

I am always thinking ... and thinking.

I am on a journey of learning to embrace my nuanced duality, simply called Valencia_Valencia. The world may only see one side of that, the teacher, because for the past 3 years, I wanted to just be perceived as one “right” way and gave it my best effort but it was not right for me 
or my mental health or 
the community I serve... I am finally giving myself permission to explore and express my full self.

there’s a lot I still have not learned about myself but I know enough to know, 
there have always been two versions of me and sometimes those 2 are divided ... 
that can beautiful or ugly depending on the minute, hour, season, or day...

for 7 years, this website-which started out as a vintage shop turned blog turned visual-literature museum  has been my therapeutic way of expressing all of the voices in my head... sooooo grateful for that because I did not always know this was something I needed... I thought I was just doing it for the love of the craft. I didn’t know how much my sanity needed me to have a space for creative expression. 

Now, I’m learning more about what you’ll hear me call “the voices” from a theoretical perspective and will continue using this space for reflecting ... I will also be creating visual reflections of some of my old content (which may have been previously shared or archived/hoarded) in pursuit of all parts of myself, to understand the messages they conveyed back then, so I can apply the lessons now, or realign them to fit the mindset of the person I am, today... 

Valencia’s Garden is a very personal place. I wouldn’t say it is individualistic but it is not for the community work I do, it is just for me, so that I can have the courage and groundedness to do such community work with intention, grace, and positive outcomes.
I consider this my art and my soul and my questions and my answers and my mistakes and my joy and my healing and my growth and my love and my peace and my peace is all that matters here.

I vow to create, as a spiritual practice, for my inner voices to stay connected as One.